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Sound Designer (Freelance)*

Experiment with outlandish ideas, create sounds nobody’s ever heard before, and push the industry beyond where it is now.

Outlier sound designers work with our composers to make sounds for scoring projects. We also work with sample library companies like Output to create tools for music producers, composers, and other musicians.

Check out our SoundCloud to see how our team’s work is used out in the wild.

*UPDATE [October 24, 2018]: Everyone submitting Sound Designer applications from this day on will be considered as potential collaborators, but likely won’t be brought onto projects we’re working on for the next few months. Considering that, submitting an app would be a long term move for you, so it’s probably better to reach out to one (or all - we’d love that) of our team members, engage with them, and become part of the communities they hang with. That said, the application is made for us to learn as much about you as we can, so you’re welcome to fill it out.


  • Design sounds to be used in music (e.g drones, atmospheres, big drum hits, risers, instrument loops, etc.)

  • Perform and record 100% original sounds, edit, manipulate, and deliver according to project-specific technical specifications

  • Design presets on hardware and software synthesizers

  • Work with Output products, including Arcade and their Kontakt instruments


  • Able to work, record, and produce remotely

  • Flexible schedule

  • Always delivers work on time

  • Loves working with and helping team members

  • Clear and responsive communicator

  • Exceptional music production quality

  • Have access to and be able to play multiple musical instruments

Unlisted Position

If you love what we’re doing and want to connect, check us out on Instagram or contact us through our contact page. We love talking with people, and it’s how most of our current team members became team members.

That said, if you’re seriously considering being part of our team, fill out the “Unlisted Position” application.

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There's a very "people first" culture 'round here, and we're constantly looking for ways to contribute value to everyone we meet – whether we work together or not. Check out our post on team culture + philosophy to learn more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. When you’re ready to apply, fill out the form below.

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