Our Team

Daniel Ciurlizza

Composer & Founder

I love telling stories through music and helping people succeed in their lives and careers.

You'll usually find me writing music for films and commercial projects, working with filmmakers on telling their stories, and finding ways to improve the experiences of people we work with.

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Nestor Estrada


I love working with imaginative teams with diverse creative backgrounds. The result is always, always incredible.

You'll usually find me writing music for film and TV, developing sounds for Outlier's library, and coordinating productions at Output.

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Travis W. Hendrix

Sample Development Project Manager

I love immersing audiences in creative worlds, and creating emotional connections between them and a project's characters.

You'll usually find me writing music for films and games, designing SFX for our filmmakers, and playing upright bass and clarinet in various bands or orchestras.

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Keith Hodder

Writer at Filmmaker Resources

I love dreaming - not just about what superhero I'd be (it's Spider-Man, hands down) - but also creating projects that inspire others.

You'll usually find me in a state of existential crisis, writing screenplays, or sifting through Daniel's copious and exhaustive notes.